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Lyndy Birch

Licensed Massage Therapist

Holistic Clinical Herbalist

Wellness Educator


Lyndy Birch started down the path of service for health and healing 7 years ago earning her bachelor’s degree in Herbal Science of Western Herbalism, license in Massage Therapy, accreditation in Yoga Therapy and certification in Permaculture Design. She has expanded her knowledge for alternative health and healing through cultural travels and perspectives from Mayan and Ayurveda practices. Her focus and passion within her practice is in women’s health, prenatal and postnatal care, abdominal and clinical massage, gut ecology and holistic self-care and lifestyle. Guiding others to understand their own nature within is empowerment for personal well-being and preventative health care.


“Connect the elemental principles of nature with your mind, body, soul, spirit and physiological balance will present itself.”

- Lyndy Birch



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(406) 309-1858

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